Benetton Renault B195 Schumacher by Minichamps

Benetton Renault B195
Michael Schumacher

Scale: 1/43
Ref: 510954316
Europe GP
Limited Edition: 1995 pcs

When Schumacher started to win F1 titles his team was the colourful Benetton. First a Ford power engine in 94 and, in 95, a Renault V10 engine would take the 2nd win. The fantastic reproduction by Minichamps can´t let no one indifferent, like it or not Schumacher's way. This is the Europe GP reproduction so the detailed tires are very important. Another positive point is that there are no Mild Seven lettering on the real car because the Europe GP was in German ground. Fast recovery Michael.

Thanks to team for the 1:1 car photos.